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Kashmir saffron field

Dear Friend,

You no longer need to cross your fingers when you shop on line for good quality saffron. Buy our saffron with complete confidence. When you buy our saffron you are absolutely guaranteed of the following:

  • 100% pure saffron threads
  • Fresh saffron
  • Premium quality saffron (grade 1 and above)
  • You will love our saffron or we will refund 100% of what you paid --- no questions asked!

Our Saffron:

Each year we import the best quality fresh saffron directly from the finest saffron farmers around the world as soon as the new crop is available for export. Once the saffron is in our possession we take a random sample of each brand and send it to an independent, highly accredited laboratory for unbiased analytical testing. Every package of saffron that is shown on this web site lists all the information you will need to make a sound decision such as saffron’s crop year date, lab report’s date, coloring strength, flavor, aroma, moisture content and quality rate. We do not just claim to have the best quality saffron. We actually provide you the vital information that shows our saffron is high quality fresh saffron.

Our Quality Control:

Every saffron package that we sell must have our 100% confidence over its net weight, quality and cleanness. For this very reason since Jan. 2015 we have decided not to import any prepackaged saffron. Doing our own saffron packaging provides us the 100% confidence we need. We start our packaging with high quality fresh saffron. Next, we measure the saffron for each package generously. We then thoroughly inspect the saffron threads and any non-saffron matters are removed (a task which is more laborious than picking saffron flowers). The end result is a clean, high quality product that is hard to find.

Our saffron Packages:

Our saffron packages are simple, old fashion and practical. You can use the jars/containers that come with our saffron to store your saffron or use it for other purposes long after the saffron is gone. We have no distributor and you cannot find our saffron in any other store. Ensuring our saffron package’s security from tampering or counterfeiting is of the utmost importance. The only person that comes between you and our saffron is the mail man.

Available saffron types:

Iranian Saffron

We will be carrying the finest Iranian saffron as soon as the sanction is lifted. 

saffron flower with threads


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